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Career opportunities in the cosmetology industry

People around the globe have paid attention to their looks throughout the history of human civilization. Despite the turbulent economic times, the cosmetology industry has been kept afloat by individuals who want to look good at all cost.

The future is therefore bright for those individuals whose passion lies in making other people look good. The simple steps to actualizing a dream in cosmetology include getting trained, getting licensed and then becoming an expert in cosmetology.

Cosmetologists also known as cosmeticians specialize in doing make-ups, hairstyling, skin care and nail care. A good cosmetology school equips their students with the essential skills that one needs to work as a facial specialist, barber, nail care or any other specialization depending on individual’s interests.

It is important to know that cosmetologists with more than one specialization are more competitive compared to their peers with just one skill. Most of the employers will prefer an individual who specializes in more than one area in cosmetology.

Besides theoretical knowledge, employers will also look for cosmeticians with relevant experience in a certain area of specialization. Some cosmetology schools have salons and spas that are open to the public. This helps in providing hands-on experience along with developing other relevant skills such as communication.

A skin care cosmetician can specialize in three areas that include, make up application, esthetician and skin care specialist or hair removal specialist.

Makeup artists can work at spas and salons doing makeovers. They can also work for the media houses, theatre and film making industry to do costuming make up.

Esthetician on the other hand specializes on skin. Estheticians are popularly known as the non-medical skin care specialists. They work on human skin and anything related to it such as skin hairs. To become an esthetician, one requires special training to perform tasks in laser hair removal, facials, electrolysis, massage, and rejuvenating treatment.

Hair removal specialist performs almost the same roles as estheticians. They however focus on getting rid of unwanted hair from the body by use of various hair removal techniques. They can perform other functions such as facials, rejuvenating treatment and massages only.

A hair cosmetician can specialize in hairstyling or a barbering. Most of the students who study cosmetology specialize on hairstyling. Hair stylists get trained on various aspects such as hair curling, shaping, coloring, cutting, cleaning, styling, and repairing amongst others for both men and women. Barbering an area of cosmetology that focuses mostly on men. Barbers are trained on removing hair, trimming, and shaping facial hair. They are also trained on how to take care for skin.

Cosmeticians who specialize with nails are referred to as manicurists. This is the least versatile of the careers in cosmetology. Most of the cosmeticians combine this skill with other skills such as hairstyling and make up application.

The services of manicurists are however highly demanded by individuals who want to keep their nails healthy and good looking. They are trained on cleaning and shaping nails. They are also trained on how to prepare, clean, apply, shape and finish fake nails.