Living as a single man I was able to save a lot on my expenses

When I was single I was able to make great savings on expenses. I could be able to live a very frugal life because I was the only party concerned. When living with others, it can however become quite challenging to impose some of the principles that you would wish for.

For example, when I was living as a single man just after college, I did not have any major preferences for where I lived. So long as the place was near where I worked and the conditions were manageable I was comfortable. As such I ended living in a crammed dingy studio apartment that never had any sunlight. This was however not a bother since I was seldom in the house anyway.

The compactness of the house was a plus for me since I did not have to buy a lot of furniture to fill up the house. I was not earning a lot of money than and the little money I was making I wanted to be very choosy in how I spent it. In the house, the main furniture items were my wardrobe, a bed, a bedside cabinet, and a small dressing table. I also had a small coffee table and for a couch I had a futon. I could convert the futon into a bed whenever I had a guest to spend the night.

At the corner of the studio apartment I had reserved some space for my kitchen. The kitchen had very few essentials. Only things that were very essential in fixing my meals. The meals that I prepared were also meals that were as cost effective as possible.

The house did not need much energy for air conditioning. This is because it was a small confined area and I did not have any problems with draughts. The only problem was the humidity. But I did not mind it. I actually realized that the house was actually quite humid when I noticed mold on some of my belongings.

To heat up water for the shower the house had an electric tankless water heating system. This system is much more cost effective as compared to the boiler system.

During those days I was able to save a lot of money which I could use on other things such as vacations and I could even afford to treat myself to extravagant dinners every once in a while.

After I got married, I realized that this lifestyle was quite difficult to uphold while living with someone else. For starters, I had to move from my small house and I had to get a bigger apartment for me and my wife. This was a massive increase in my expenditure.

The house also came with other additional costs such as energy costs. I needed to spend more money on heating, lighting, and on gas. I also stopped being in charge of what I ate and now my wife was the authority over what we ate. She is not as sensitive as I am when it comes to food and costs.

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