File Backup: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

File Backup: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyBacking up files and information is an important process for any reason from personal photo storage to big business filing needs. Whatever end of the spectrum you land on, you need some way to make sure your files are safe.

However, what happens when the software or program that is meant to keep your files and computer safe is actually causing your computer harm and endangering your files even more? Not all backup systems are created equal so read on to get more information on some of the perks and issues with backup programs.

The Good

There are a lot of great sites that post reviews on different types of software and computer programs so the good thing about this is that you get to hear what some experts and other consumers think about these products before you download or set up an account.

You can save yourself the hassle of putting all your time and energy into setting up a backup system that will end up not working for you and having to switch to another. Do your homework first and find out which ones are actually offering what you need and which ones are possibly scams and a waste of time.

Although there are some dangers involved when trusting your file backup to a program or software, it is a necessary thing to do. If you take into consideration what would happen if you did not back them up, the outcome is usually a lot worse than if the backup software you use ends up being difficult to use or spammy. It is easy enough to find a good program to use and is worth it.

The Bad and the Ugly

Not all reviews are honest or accurate. Be sure to check more than one site to find out if the reviews for these programs have been generated and whether or not they are consistent. There really are a lot of good programs out there, but you have to be willing to dig through the bad information to find out what you need to know.

Some software programs will also be a mix of good and bad for different reasons- often based on how they are used and if they are the paid or trial versions. If it is free, it is not really free per-say because they often allow harmful programs and malware into your computer when you download them. If you are using a free program, be sure to not download anything onto your computer.

Use the online version if there is one and do not allow it access to your computer. Although some companies have a trial version that can download junk on your computer, they are also known to have a quality paid version so if you are interested in paying, you may get higher quality, but it is a toss up.


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Storage Solutions: Online or Cloud

Storage Solutions: Online or CloudMany people and companies are turning to online sources and cloud programs to store and backup their data. These technologies are much easier than previous storage solutions, and they are ever-evolving into more and more useful products.

One thing that really confuses consumers as they switch over to these services is the difference between the online backup services and the cloud-based services. Yes, they are both used for similar reasons but they are definitely different in what they can provide and how much they can do for you. Some people turn to both services to solve multiple storage and backup issues while other people may only need one of them to suit their specific needs.

Online Backup Solutions and Issues

Online backup solutions will generally be pretty straight forward in what they offer, although new abilities are being added to keep up with the competition. They are mainly meant to be used to backup your documents and also be able to restore your files. It is first and foremost a safety measure to make sure that important documents are not lost.

Backup services are often free, or they are much cheaper than cloud-based solutions. This is mainly because they offer a product that is generally simpler and also less versatile than the more editable storage solutions of the cloud.

However, this does not necessarily make it inferior since not all storage issues need to be editable. In fact, if you simply have a whole lot of basic files to store that you will not need to edit, it is a much more practical and cost-efficient solution than using a cloud-based program.

Cloud Storage Solutions and Issues.

Cloud storage also backs up your files and documents, but it adds a whole other element to the game- synchronization. This is a big seller for this type of service because it will automatically keep the files on your hard drive synced with the items backed up in the cloud. This is often real-time (depending on the specific service) so you can edit a document anywhere and have it immediately updated in the cloud so that it can be accessed by you or someone else and not have to worry about separate drafts or old un-updated items.

The customer service is possibly one of the biggest downfalls of programs like this, according to many reviews and ratings, but it does depend on the company you go through. Many cloud software solutions include personalized customer support and consulting to have it fit your needs best. However, this will definitely cost more, so it is important to make sure you evaluate your specific needs and find out if you need that kind of support. It can be very worth the extra money if you want quality consultations and support because it will save you more time and money in the long run.


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Perks of Being a Cloud Based Business

Perks Of Being A Cloud Based BusinessThe flexibility and endless business options that come to being a cloud-based business is one of the many things that has made cloud-based businesses increase in popularity as of late. New models can be made at such a low cost and so efficiently that the trial and error process while building a business of this kind is significantly less frustrating and time consuming.

Attracting skilled employees will be much easier with a cloud-based business. People enjoy working for companies like this mainly because of the flexibility involved. The tech field is blowing up so anyone with the right tech skills can often have the option of working from home or remotely or even on demand if they choose.

All the Rage & High Demand

Cloud based everything is highly popular right now because it really is proving to be a great solution to many businesses’ issues. Businesses know that cloud storage will benefit their companies in many ways because in the business world- storage is a big deal, quality management and organizational tools are very important, cost efficiency is crucial and high-tech communication is vital. Cloud-based services offer all of this and more.

A big question that many businesses wonder right now when they are thinking about going to the cloud is, how to make cloud service more reliable and even more cost efficient. Since the business world is leaning more and more on cloud systems, the cloud systems are getting better and better due to demand and customer feedback. When building a model for your cloud based business, it is important to communicate with the top providers, so you are not reinventing the wheel AND get feedback from current, past and even prospective clients. The cloud services are meant to be problem solvers for a reason.

Range Of Services

The wide ranges of services that can be offered using a cloud-based system include (but not limited to) the following:
• Cloud-based business phone systems including conference calls, video conferencing, PBX features, SMS, fax, call routing and answering services.
• Content management for websites and applications.
• Customer services such as customer support via chat email or phone.
• Customer relations that deal with contact information, advertising, updates and surveys for feedback.
• Software services (SaaS) that provide a business with software usually providing a certain application to multiple businesses. Or providing an infrastructure for a business to run their own application using your cloud platform.

Low Cost

The risk is lower in a cloud-based business model because the overhead is significantly smaller. It does not take as much capital to start up, and it rarely needs to many people to staff. Cloud-based businesses are highly efficient if run and executed correctly.


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