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Changing Life For The Better

Our world is full of fake people. Unfortunately, more or less, we all have encountered fake friends also. When we have thought a particular person to be so good to be kept for life, at that point he/she reveals their actual nature which leaves us disgusted. Maybe that’s why our parents always kept telling us to stay away from strangers or to think twice before making friends.

But we cannot tell what is in our destiny. Maybe we are destined to meet fake friends and enemies or “frenemies” by popular connotation. What to do if you meet someone like this, unfortunately? Just remember, that if you lose fake friends, you lose nothing but gain many things. It’s never too late to start your life afresh. You can change life for the better whenever you want; consider yourself lucky if you can do so.

To begin your life anew is an entirely new and a magical experience. Maybe because you have the knowledge to differentiate between real friends and fake friends.

Here are some essential tips for differentiating between real friends and fake friends. Follow them if you don’t want to fall into a fake bonding.

1) Real friends support you through thick and thin, in all your activities and they will criticise you when they feel you are going into the wrong direction. But fake friends will support you till they are gaining something from you.

2) Real friends will lend you their shoulder to cry on, but fake friends will sometimes be the reason for your crying. Your real friends will encourage you and will constantly contact you through texts or calls. In the case of the fake friends, chances are smaller that they will ever call you when you are sad.

3) Real friends know about your antics and sometimes even participate in them. But fake friends will stay away from doing these sweet nothings.

4) Real friends know your secrets but will never reveal them in front of hundred peoples. But chances are there that fake friends will think of hurting you and gain something from these things.

So, these are some simple ways to know who is faking a friendship. But, even you become a victim of this, don’t worry. Life has not ended and yes, you can always have a new beginning.

To begin your life fresh, start with a deep breath and say that the worse part of your life is over. It’s time to begin a new academic life or choose a new profession. Maybe you are in a new relationship all over again or out making new friends. Be optimistic and believe that life is full of opportunities. As you begin your life for the second time, you evolve as a person and become much more mature. You have the knowledge to find out who is faking and have the guts to snap ties with them. Just remember that nothing is more exciting than exploring new possibilities and hopes and get the better of them.

So never be dejected due to what your fake friends did to you. Because a new beginning always springs from the end of something.

BFF or Soulmate: Knowing The Difference

It is said that the only person who knows you better and understand you emotionally, after your parents, is your best friend. A person who has a best friend is considered lucky; luckier are those who remain best friends forever in life. A BFF is the only person who knows your deepest and darkest secrets, often becomes your partners in crime and is often the main reason behind your heartiest laugh.

Now, we come to another terminology, “soulmate”, which often resonates with the term BFF. We take a cue from Richard Bach where he says that our soulmate is the one who makes life livelier. A soulmate is that person with whom we feel connected spiritually. That is the word “soul” is included. A soulmate is a reason behind each of our smile, progress and success.

Since both the relationships are close to our heart, naturally a question can cross our mind, what is the difference between the two?

Let us try our hands in pointing out some difference between the two.

Differences between Soulmate and BFF

  1. With your soulmate around, you feel a deep spiritual connection. You feel that you have known him/her for decades. But with your BFF, you feel a simple connection and possess the same values and ideas.
  2. When you have a discord with your soulmate, you feel at a loss. You have the tragic feeling that life has never been so rude to you. But in the case of your BFF, you fight until you make up.
  3. Your soulmate is the reason for your success. He/she teaches you a lot and guides you to the path of success. In the case of your best friend, he/she may not be directly involved in your success.
  4. There is a lifelong commitment attached to your best friend. That is the reason they stay forever in your life. But, with your soulmate, you cannot say that they will stay with you till your last breath.
  5. When you first meet your soulmate, you feel something strange, like a strong gush of winds inside you. But with your BFF, you feel a childlike tingling inside you.
  6. When you feel intellectually connected with a person, it is evident that this person may stay as your best friend forever. There is a logical base behind your relationship with your best friend. But, when you meet your soulmate, you cannot define by any logic why you liked this person. You will only feel a strong magnetic attraction with this person.

So, whom do you have in your life? Is it your best friend or soulmate? Or both? Whatever it is, thank the Almighty for bringing them into your life.