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When Shopping Pay Off

If you want to shop and make some extra money, then this Send Earnings review will help you decide if this is the right program for you. Send earnings is a website where you can register to take surveys and read emails and do other things to make money online.

A quick send earnings review reveals that this site will pay you $5 to sign up! Of course there is a catch and I’ll go into that soon, but in essences you can have $5 in your send earnings account the minute you sign up. Money for nothing right? Wrong.

So here’s the catch. In order for you to redeem that $5 bucks, you would to have accumulated $30 worth of earnings. No worries you say, I’ll just get hooked up after I read a few emails, complete a couple surveys and what not.

But at $0.20 per email and $0.50 a survey, how long do you think this is gonna take you? Calling Send Earnings, a scam may be a bit of a reach.

They do give you the opportunity to earn some cash but you will have to be really dedicated to the job at $0.2 per email read and hours and hours of survey taking at roughly fifty cents per survey. I would not want to say it was a scam but it would be very difficult to make that $30 to ever be able to take out the $5 initial dollars that they gave you for signing up!

This Points2Shop review will teach you about how you can shop and save money. Signing up with P2S is easy. All you have to do is sign up with your email address and activate your membership through a link in your email. Unlike some survey sites, you’re not asked a lengthy series of questions as a part of your sign up process.

When you log in for the first time on P2S, you might find the interface a bit cluttered and overwhelming. No worries, as you’ll spend a bulk of your time on the “Earn Points” page.

“Earn Points” page is a snapshot of all the ways you can earn points on P2S. It lists various links to surveys, trial offers, tasks, etc. Always check back on this page to see the latest surveys or offers you can complete. When you sign up for P2S, you get 250 points right off the bat. Think of how long it takes you to get up to 250 points on other survey sites!

The biggest points are concentrated on surveys. But as you might know, sometimes it’s very hard to qualify for surveys.

Speak Up and Earn

If you are looking for a fun way to make some extra money from home, then this Toluna review might help you find the right program for you. Toluna offers an extensive rewards catalogue.

Gift certificates and PayPal payments – Toluna offers a substantial selection of gift certificates to retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, iTunes, Tango, Best Buy, Target, and more. Gift certificate values start at 30,000 points, or $10. PayPal payments start at 90,000 points ($30). You can also request a $25 check with 75,000 points These amounts are stated for Toluna USA, and may vary slightly by region.

Toluna Gifties – The Gifties program is essentially an instant win game where a small number of points can be exchanged for a chance to win a prize. Each Giftie represents an actual item that can become real if you are a winner. Winners are chosen at random, and bidding on Gifties does not guarantee winning them.

Sweepstakes – Toluna offers monthly draws for thousands of dollars in cash and items such as electronics whose entries can be redeemed for a relatively small number of points. Note that sweepstakes draws are not available in all regions.

Toluna states on their website that it can take up to 8 weeks for delivery of rewards after they’ve been requested. However, many members seem to receive virtual gift cards and PayPal payments within a few days of request.


If you read this IPSOS survey review, you may find another site to do fun surveys on and make money. Take online surveys on a variety of different topics. Typically earn between 10-100 points for each survey you successfully complete.

Ipsos i-Say offers the following reward options:

  • exchange your points for a payment to your PayPal account (1,530 points = $15 PayPal payment).
  • exchange your points for e-voucher to your favorite stores including Amazon, Starbucks, Target, and more. e-Vouchers come in $5-$15 denominations (500-1500 points) and are typically instantly delivered after request.
  • exchange your points for a VISA pre-paid card (2,000 points = $20)
  • Canadians have the opportunity to exchange their points for Air Miles Reward Miles.

Exchange your points for a cash donation to a variety of different charities.

  • 250 points can be used toward an entry into the Trading Post Draw which features prizes such as vacations, etc.

Ipsos offers a loyalty program where members can earn bonus points if they have already completed a certain number of surveys in the past. For instance, members receive 25 bonus points after completing 5 surveys, 50 bonus points after completing 10 surveys, etc. The more surveys that are completed, the more bonus points increasingly become more valuable.

Shop Without Breaking the Bank

If you want to go shopping without breaking the bank, then this PrizeRebel review will help you decide if this is the website for you. PrizeRebel is a website where you get rewarded for performing various online activities. They can range from:

  • Filling out surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Signing up for trials (products or services)
  • Referring other people

These are just a fraction of ways you can earn rewards on PrizeRebel. As with most survey sites, you have to be over 18 years old to sign up, or have parental consent if you’re between 13 and 18 years old. Once you sign up, you’ll be immediately presented with “bonus” offers.

You can take your time answering each question or just move onto the main site. The next popup screen will tell you to pick a “tour.” Merely learning about the site and filling out your profile will earn you easy points. PrizeRebel recommends Chrome or Firefox for optimal experience. You should also disable your ad blocker to access some parts of the website. PrizeRebel has their own rewards system using “points,” which you can earn and redeem for various prizes. Earning points is straightforward. Under the “Earn” link, you’ll be able to access offers, surveys, videos, etc. Each link corresponds to different ways you can earn points.


Saving money is very simple and this Ebates review can show exactly how it works. Ebates is a company that gives cash back if you click through the links of stores listed. The company is an affiliate to many online stores. What’s an affiliate? An affiliate is a person (or company, in this case) that makes a small commission for referring people.

When you’re ready, search for a store and click on the store link.  This establishes a ‘tracking code’. Once you visit the online store from Ebates, you have 30 days to purchase what you want. Example: Wal-Mart gives Ebates 2% of every referred sale. If Ebates sends a customer to Wal-Mart, and the customer buys a $500 computer, Ebates makes $10 on the sale

Wal-Mart is paying Ebates to advertise. Ebates takes that $10 (the money Wal-Mart paid them) and gives you half ($5). This results in a 1% cash back rate.

It’s a sweet deal! Online stores (e.g. Wal-Mart, Target, BestBuy, etc.) win because they get the sale. Ebates wins because they get a commission.  You win (as an Ebates user) because you get extra cash for doing next to nothing.

Ebates is an affiliate of over 1,600 online stores. Almost any person with a website can be an affiliate. Once you click on the link to the store and check out, it’ll take 1-5 days to appear inside your Ebates account

Easy Credit – Are You Credit Ready?

As you may already know, credit cards are the most efficient and accessible credit building tools available to consumers. They all report information to the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis, and as long as you pay your bills on time and avoid maxing out your card, you will thereby gradually build credit. Credit cards can also be dangerous when used improperly, causing credit score damage and creating the need to seek out easy approval plastic.

First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard Secured Credit Card – A secured credit card is without a doubt the easiest type of credit card to get approved for. That’s because users are required to place a refundable security deposit when opening their accounts. The amount of your deposit – which can be anywhere from $200 – $10,000 – will then serve as your credit line, ensuring the issuer is not saddled with any unpaid bills.

This particular secured card stands out in terms of approvability, despite its $29 annual fee and $300 minimum deposit, as it was found to have the lowest sign-up requirements in our comprehensive Secured Card Report.

Credit One Visa – An unsecured credit card targeted to people with bad credit, this offer provides 1% cash back on gas in return for its $35 – $99 annual fee. Gas is a major expense for most consumers, after all, and most of the cards available to this segment of the market do not even offer rewards.

Paid Survey Sites

If you want to take some surveys and make some cash, then here are some of the best online survey sites. You can sign up at Global Test Market for free. It’s actually quite simple. You just visit the site and there is a form with all your contact info and everything else. The idea is once you sign up, you will get surveys to complete for points every so often.  There have been a lot of survey site started with in the last two years and this has become one of the more grounded and established online survey sites out there.

Some people have been members for years and some people are just hearing about it right now. This tends to attract a lot of people who are looking to make easy quick money and more often than not are these people disappointed and there are a lot of reasons why. I can’t really blame you if you’re frustrated with any kind of online survey site because usually it seems a lot better than it really is. I’ll give you my personal opinions and reasons why I probably won’t spend that much time on doing surveys with Global Test Market or really any other survey site out there.

The Shadows around Zendesk

Zendesk is a software development company that is based out of San Francisco, CA. This innovative company provides a cloud-based customer service platform that is called Zendesk. This unique platform includes self-service options, ticketing, as well as various other customer support features. The company has been around since 2007 and has 1,000 working for them and over 60,000 paid customers in 150 different countries.

The Zendesk platform is designed to make it easier for companies to build customer relationships that are more personal and productive. Their goal as a company is to keep as simply as possible while engaging with customers all over the world to gauge what their specific needs are.

Zendesk Review

In order for you to learn more about Zendesk, here is a comprehensive Zendesk review.

Zendesk is currently one of the most popular help desk solutions available on the market today. Many companies are using this platform both large and small and is a very helpful solution for a number of businesses. You can begin using this platform for only $1 a month which makes it an even better option for start-up companies looking to cut costs. However, this is just for the starter tier piece and not the entire program.

Zendesk has a variety of features that makes it an appealing platform for customers. They allow tickets to be raised for chat, telephone, and social network sites, which has yet to be replicated by any of the competition. The agent is then allowed to add additional notes so the next customer service agent is able to see them.

As far as the pricing of this platform is concerned, the starter tier starts out at a $1 per agent every month. You can purchase the Enterprise and Enterprise Elite editions as well. If you purchase the Enterprise Elite you can expect to pay $195 a month per agent. However, you could also go with the Plus plan which is $59 a month per agent.

Zendesk has an attention-grabbing interface that makes it easy for agents to navigate through and use effectively. While it does take some time to get used to, it is one of the best customer service platforms on the market. It is a bit pricier than some of the other ones on the market, but it does have a lot more features to make it easier for your business to help its customers.


Zendesk has created a customer service platform built for any type of business no matter how big or small. If you are just starting out you will have the opportunity to test out Zendesk for $1 a month per agent which is a great price. Zendesk is definitely taking over the customer service platform industry.